About Us

the concept

Arch Angel is a unique footwear concept store that carries stylishly designed shoes which are also supremely comfortable. Arch Angel also stocks a wide range of well-curated footcare accessories such as arch-support insoles, specialty socks and stockings, silicone and polyurethane gel foot pads, and foot treatment creams.  All our products are carefully sourced from all over the world by our footcare specialists who, apart from having in-depth knowledge about footcare, also have a keen eye for beauty and style.


Arch Angel was launched in 2007 because the founders noticed a gap in the market place for comfortable yet stylish shoes. They also found a general lack of awareness of the long-term, and sometimes permanent, damage that can result to one’s feet, knees, hips, and back due to ill-fitting and poor-quality footwear.


One of the founders, Helen Crawford, lends her professional expertise as a London-trained podiatrist to the selection of Arch Angel’s footwear and footcare products. She also provides all Arch Angel’s staff members with comprehensive training on common foot problems, as well as foot measurement and shoe fitting. In addition, she has authored a number of information pamphlets on common foot-related issues which are freely available in-store.


As Coco Chanel once famously said, “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” Likewise, we at Arch Angel believe that style must be comfortable, and can be comfortable. Like an angel to the arches of our feet, good shoes are a blessing.

Arch Angel Founders

Tan Ee Leng

Tan Ee Leng

Founder of Craftmark (Singapore) Pte Ltd (established 1981) a leading distributor and licensee of leather goods and accessories in Singapore and the region. Craftmark incorporated subsidiary Craftcare Pte Ltd in 2007 to manage and operate its footcare retail outlet Arch Angel. Ee Leng’s personal experience with foot pain led to her search for knowledge so as to understand more about proper footcare and what makes for good shoes that help wearers avoid or alleviate problems with their feet. This eventually culminated in the launch of Arch Angel.

Helen Crawford

Helen Crawford

Trained as podiatrist in London in 1989, Helen has been living and working in Singapore since 1995. Having worked for several years in many government hospitals and having helped set up some podiatry departments, Helen has since moved into private practice and is now owner of the Osteopathy and Podiatry Centre as well as working in the sports physiotherapy clinic Physionique. In addition to her teaching certificate, Helen is also a qualified shoe fitter with the Society of Shoe Fitters (UK).

Customer Testimonials

" I have very pronounced bunions and find it hard to get smart comfortable walking shoes for travelling. In 2008 i found a pair of pretty XSensible black suede shoes with Michael's help. Its special stretch suede enveloped the bunions with absolute comfort, yet left no telltale bumps on the leather. On a trip to UK in early 2009, I was even able to "scale" Glastonbury Hill and the cliffs at the Swansea coast. I needed to travel light and so didn't bring any sports shoes. The snug design kept my feet stable and warm in the chill, and bunions felt no chaffing or pain.The shoes were tough! I still have them after 4 years, well maintained for my travels! "

Ms. Dorothy S.

" I probably have the most pairs of Naot shoes from you. "

Ms L.H. Lim

" Just want to say that your school shoes in wide fittings are a god send! "

Ms Katie T.

" Arch Angel is one of the very few places in Singapore where I can find a narrower shoe. Thank you for looking into offering more narrow shoes!” "

Ms Kathy M.

" Comfort, Style and Quality – These are features I find in my new pair of Mary Jane shoes – the Naot Calabria.

I feel extremely delighted wearing them in Singapore's tropical climate. During my trip to Australia in March this year, I travelled extensively by foot, bus and train throughout the day. With its soft cushioning and perfect fit for my tired feet, I felt like walking on clouds or cotton.

I am looking forward to bringing them with me to London for my 10-day vacation end of May. Definitely recommended for anyone who is serious about foot health!

I sincerely share Arch Angel's belief – Good shoes are indeed a True Blessing!! "

Ms. Lisa L.

" So far I've always received excellent service at Arch Angel. "

Ms Elaine P.

" The salesperson had been friendly and helpful. Service with a smile. "

Ms T.D. Ng

" I do appreciate your staffs' efforts to get me the right pair of shoes. I now buy most of my shoes from you. "

Ms L.H. Lim

" We are very happy with Michael's service and advice. "

Ms Amy Y.