March 2015

Cracked Heels

Posted in March 11, 2015


Cracked heels are a common form of foot problem seen in Singapore as local people like to wear sandals and thongs or flip flops all year round. Some cracking or splitting in the skin is most often seen around the heels of the feet.


Do you know the reasons that cause cracked heels?


When the skin around the heel becomes dry, it loses its suppleness and elasticity, and often begins to split.  This condition is commonly associated with heel calluses which is simply a build-up of dead skin. The cracks in the heel can become quite painful depending on their severity, and may bleed and become infected. 


To prevent the formation of cracked heels, certain treatments are recommended as follows:

1.  Appropriate footwear should be worn. Avoid the prolonged use of thongs or bare feet, and wear sandals with enclosed heels whenever possible. Wear stockings or socks when possible.

2.  Adequate water intake and essential fatty acids within your diet (e.g. Omega 3 fatty acids) may assist in preventing dryness and cracking by helping to keep the skin hydrated and supple.

3.  A moisturizer to be used on a daily basis.

4.  See your podiatrist if your cracked heels are severe.


At Arch Angel, we have a wide range of foot accessories targeting to different foot problems.  For cracked heels, we recommend Saicara Foot Butter.  This delicately fragranced foot butter provides intensive care for the feet with avocado oil, jojoba oil and mango stone butter. Soothing, anti-inflammatory active ingredients and pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E and allantoin make even the driest skin and rough feet smooth to the touch again. Mango extract stimulates, vitalize and provides the skin with valuable vitamins and minerals, giving rough tired skin new vitality.


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Foot health is incredibly important to a person’s overall health and wellbeing

Posted in March 18, 2015


A lot of adults suffer from foot pain and discomfort for a variety of reasons, but did you know that six out of 10 teens have foot pain, too? In US, a survey conducted by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) shows that:


1. Sports are the number one cause of foot pain among teens;

2. Two out of 10 teens suffer from pain due to wearing high heels and other uncomfortable footwear; and

3. Less than two out of 10 teens have ever seen a podiatrist to treat foot problems.


Foot health is incredibly important to a person’s overall health and wellbeing. However, majority of people in Singapore do not pay much attention to foot health. 


Arch Angel, a unique footwear concept store that carries stylish and comfortable shoes in Singapore. In addition, Arch Angel organizes “Foot Talks” to promote and to raise the awareness of foot care to the general public.  It is its social responsibilities by organizing educational discourses, conducting by a pedorthist (someone who has studied the lower extremity anatomy, pathology and biomechanics of the foot to promote healthy foot care), to help audiences to understand and appreciate the most often-neglected part of their foot.  Audiences will learn how to take proper care of their feet and the best things to do to prevent future foot problems. 


If you want to find out more about organizing “Foot Talk” for your company, please write in to