October 2015

Free Foot Scan is now available at Arch Angel Wheelock

Posted in October 20, 2015


Arch Angel cares for the society. It is their social responsibility to raise the awareness of proper foot care 
and shoe fitting to the general public.  In July, they conducted a Foot Talk at CommerzBank sharing the 
knowledge of foot care and the correct ways to choose the right shoes with almost 40 ladies during their 
lunch hour.  The Foot Talk was conducted by

Arch Angel Wheelock has introduced a new foot scanning machine performing highly accurate foot scans at HALOHUB in store. The foot scanning machine takes only 10 seconds to provide the information like the length and width of your feet, arch type, pressure and the suggested shoe size for both left and right feet. An option to receive the foot scan through email is provided after the foot scan is completed.

By using thses information, Arch Angel shoe specialists suggest customers the appropriate footwear or orthotics for their needs. With the right footwear and orthotics, customers can prevent unneccessary foot pain and achieve maximum foot comfort to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Free foot scan is also available in Arch Angel Purvis.

Visit any Arch Angel shops to enjoy a free foot scan today!